DIGITAL ASSET AUDIT SURVIVAL GUIDE: The Finance Leader's Crash Course in Achieving Confident, Cost-efficient Crypto Audits

The Digital Asset Audit Survival Guide

A "crash course" on digital asset audit preparation.The 3 biggest mistakes companies make (and how to avoid them).The 3 areas every auditor will look (and how to prepare).3 "gold nuggets" to achieve continuous complianceAnd a 10-page "Digital Asset Audit Preparation Checklist."

Everything you need to get digital asset audit-ready (whether you're a startup or public company).

Written by licensed CPAs in collaboration with digital asset auditors.

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Day 1 - 3 Unique Aspects of Digital Asset AuditsDay 2 - 3 Mistakes Most Companies Make (And How to Avoid Them)Day 3 - 3 Areas the Auditors Will Look (And How to Prepare)Day 4 - 3 Gold Nuggets to Achieve Continuous ComplianceDay 5 - 3 Ways Digital Asset Accounting Software Can Help

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